Information for Members and Guests of King Ash Bay regarding our Camping Fees

October 2021

King Ash Bay will be implementing a new fee structure for residents and campers over the next 2 years.

Our club’s recent expenditure, and that forecast in the next few years, has seen the need for a price increase to help pay for the improvement projects, some which are overdue.

To help you understand the necessity for the increase, I would like to explain the projects I am referring to.

  • Solar for the bore pumps.
  • Replacing power poles in the camping and residential areas.
  • New amenities block for Genny Flats.
  • New Generator

These and other less major projects are expected to cost the club in excess of $600,000.

Along with the above expenses our current fees have been based solely on a camping structure and this is no longer appropriate for King Ash Bay as we have numerous residential properties and permanent residents.

From the 1st April 2022 residential properties and allocated camping blocks will attract a yearly service fee not dissimilar to the rates system that all Australian properties attract.  By introducing this service fee it will simplify the payment process for residents and block holders and will also ensure all similar properties are contributing the same amount to the club.  Once the yearly service fee is introduced there will be no further daily or weekly camping fee for these members.

The new service fee has been calculated by taking the existing 8 and 16 week rule minimum fee and applying an increase of 50% for 2022 and a further 50% increase in 2023.  We have also introduced the option for the service fee to be paid quarterly.

All member camping fees will also attract an increase, the members unpowered will be introduced with a 2 stage increase, one in 2022 and again in 2023.

Our non-members camping fees are already very much in line with similar camping grounds and as such has seen an increase only in the weekly rate.

For camping fees the concession rates after 28 days will still apply.

Below are the new fees applicable from the 1st April 2022.

  Yearly Service Fee  Weekly  Concession
Per Week
After 28 Days 
Permanent Residents$2,048.00   
Non Permanent Residents$1,536.00   
More than 2 people when owner not present (per person) $48.00$46.00$8.00
Powered (2 people) $180.00$171.00$30.00
Extra Person on Same Site $90.00$86.00$15.00
Genny Flats $90.00$86.00$15.00
Extra Person on Same Site $48.00$46.00$8.00
KAB East and Sunset Boulevard    
Permanent residents (liveable structure or caravan etc)$1,568.00   
Livable structure with non permanent residents$1,176.00   
Allocated camping blocks without livable structure$588.00   
More than 2 people when owner not present (non member) $120.00$114.00$20.00
More than 2 people when owner not present (member) $90.00$86.00$15.00
Extra Camp on site Per Person (Non Member) $60.00$57.00$10.00
Extra Camp on site Per Person (Member) $48.00$46.00$8.00
Powered Site $240.00$228.00$40.00
Extra Person on Same Powered Site $120.00$114.00$20.00
Genny Flats $180.00$171.00$30.00
Extra Person on Same Site $90.00$86.00$15.00

Covid Advice 22nd November 2021

You may be aware there has been cases of Covid in nearby community Robinson River. They have that situation under control and will be in lockout mode for the time being.

To come to the Roper Gulf Shire area you must wear a mask when outside. To come to King Ash Bay you must wear a mask when attending the Servo, Office or Bar & Grill.

Please note that from today you cannot enter the NT unless you are fully vaccinated. Go to the NT Coronavirus website to find out more details.

To come to King Ash Bay you must comply with any rules and guidelines set by the Chief Minister and the Chief Health Minister.

We thank you for your understanding so we can all stay safe.

Covid-19 2021 update

As the current hot spots are constantly changing and updating we can not post everyone. Go to the NT Coronavirus website for updated information on current hot spots. If the NT Government let you into the NT you may come to King Ash Bay. It is up to individuals to check this information and follow the advice so we all stay safe.

If you have come from a current hotspot! You cannot come to King Ash Bay until you have a negative covid test result and isolated for 14 days. You CANNOT isolate or quarantine at King Ash Bay!

If you have been to a current hotspot and wish to come to the NT, you MUST go into Mandatory Supervised Quarantine.

Call 1800 008 002 for any questions. Please be patient as they are getting inundated with calls presently.

Please check out current information at ‘Secure NT’ or before travelling to the NT.

For any other questions call 08-89759800 and we will advise you the best we can.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation. Stay Safe.

2021 Easter Fishing Classic

King Ash Bay Fishing Club saw the return to our Easter Weigh In Competition

The Easter Classic was a huge success! Thank you to all our Sponsors and entrants that helped make it the great weekend it was.

Please stayed tuned as I will be adding Winners, Sponsors and photo’s soon.

I apologise for the delay in getting everything posted.


Covid-19 Update

King Ash Bay Fishing Club is open to anyone not from a current hotspot. As these are changing rapidly please check the NT Coronavirus website to ensure you have not visited a hotspot or had contact with anyone who has in the required days. Please call into the office on arrival (leave details if office is unattended).

We thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.

PLEASE NOTE: All persons entering NT from a declared “hotspot” (including anyone who has travelled through a declared hotspot) will have to do up to 14 days mandatory supervised quarantine at a designated facility at your own cost of $2500 per person. Please visit the NT Government website for more details on this

If you are unsure please contact the NT Travel hotline on 1800 518 189 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday as information can change daily.

To all Members and Guests, please be advised that Batten Point is closed until further notice. This is both for camping and fishing off the bank.

We ask you to please respect the request of the traditional owners.

Club Membership

Interested in becoming a member of King Ash Bay Fishing Club?

Unlike many other clubs, we do not actively seek new members and approval of new applications is not automatic.

We accept applications for new membership and approve new members who meet club membership requirements.  In short, we prefer new members who have interests that align with the club – good character, interested in sustainable responsible fishing, care of our environment, living in harmony with others and an interest in helping to maintain and improve the club and its facilities.

Application Process

Application forms are available from the club office.  The application must be signed by two current members who have known the applicant for at least 12 months and attest to their good character.

All applications are considered at a club committee Meeting.  At least one (and preferably more) committee members must know the applicant and speak for their acceptance.

If membership is approved by the committee, the following fees are payable before membership is confirmed:

Membership Application Fee $300

Annual Membership Fee $35 which is payable each year by 1 April for membership to remain current.

Because of the above process, it is most common for applications for membership to be submitted on the second or subsequent visit to King Ash Bay.


With a two lane boat ramp, hundreds of kms of sheltered, mangrove lined rivers and creeks and easy access to the Sir Edward Pellew Islands and surrounding waters in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the range of fishing opportunities is enormous.

The famous Barramundi is perhaps the most sought after fish in the area, and these are available in large numbers.  The ‘build up’ period to the wet season (September to December) and the ‘run off’ towards the end of and after the wet season (March to May) are the best times for Barra fishing, but they can be caught all year round, with some anglers preferring fishing for Barra during the cooler dry season months.

Charlotte proves catching Barra is child’s play

Apart from Barra, there is a wide range of terrific sport and table fish available in the area.  Such a variety in fact that some anglers bypass Barra altogether and target other species.  In the estuaries popular target species include Mangrove Jack, Golden Snapper (Fingermark), Black Jew, Threadfin and Blue Salmon, Javelin fish (Grunter),Queenfish  and many more.  Around the islands and reefs, these same species can be caught in addition to Coral Trout, Nannygai, Mackerel, Emperor (various types) and many more.

Of course, the famous Mud Crab is also available in large numbers, so bring your pots with you.

Make sure you are familiar with current NT boat safety and fishing regulations by visiting

The Club supports and promotes sustainable fishing practices and care for the environment.  We want to preserve our pristine river system and fish stocks so future generations can enjoy them as we do.

We encourage the careful release of large (over 85cm) Barramundi as these are the breeding stock essential for future fishing.

As with most delta areas, there are many areas of mud flats along the coastal areas outside the river system.  If you are caught in one of these areas on a run out tide, you will not be the first.  Fortunately, as sure as night following day, a high tide follows a low one.

A worthwhile skill to have is throwing a cast net.The most successful baits to use in the river system are fresh caught local fish (Mullet and Herring) and prawn baits.  Don’t worry if you have not yet learned this skill.  There are many ways to throw a net and many people happy to share their way with you.

Fishing the Crooked Creek near King Ash Bay – Video on YouTube

Fishing the Pellew Islands – Video on YouTube

Fishing the Carrington Channel near King Ash Bay – Video on YouTube

With the support of the McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust, we are undertaking an extensive Barramundi Monitoring Project to establish baseline data about Barramundi in our river system.  Our long term aim is to establish a Barramundi breeding and re-stocking facility at the club to support and enhance stocks.  The Monitoring Project will provide essential research information in support of this objective.  We encourage members and visitors to help with this research by providing trip reports and by joining the Barramundi tagging effort.


>External article of a beginners guide to Fishing the McArthur River System with a map.

> External link to NT Fishing Adventures, who have loads of videos about Fishing around King Ash Bay.


At King Ash Bay we are very remote. We are 700km from the nearest traffic lights and 1,000km from the nearest shopping centre. With that being said, we are very well setup here. Many first time visitors are amazed at what we have to offer. This page was made to help give travellers a little bit more information about planning their trip.

Travelling here:

There are many ways to get to King Ash Bay Fishing Club. The way you decide to travel here will depend on many factors including how much time you have, your budget and the time of year.

Drive: Most people drive to King Ash Bay from all over Australia. You can take bitumen roads the entire way except for the last 21km. You will need to plan your trip and make sure you carry enough fuel, because there are some stretches of road that are several hundred kilometres between fuel stations.

You have a couple of options for driving to King Ash Bay.

From the Stuart Highway you can either head East from Three Ways just North of Tennant Creek, then North at Barkly Homestead to Cape Crawford or from Highway Inn at Daly Waters on the Carpentaria Highway towards Borroloola.                                                                                                                     If you want to drive on bitumen the whole way from Queensland you will cross the QLD – NT border just outside of Camooweal on the Barkly Highway heading West. At Barkly Homestead you will turn right onto the Tablelands Highway heading North. Even though the Tablelands and Carpentaria are called highways, they are in parts only single lane and you will have to pull over for trucks and road trains, as well as slowing down for cattle. You will arrive at the Heartbreak Hotel at Cape Crawford. From there you will head towards Borroloola, past the McArthur River Mine and then follow the signs to King Ash Bay. If you get to Bing Bong, you have gone too far.

In the middle of the dry season, the other popular way to get to King Ash Bay from Qld is via the Savannah Way. I guess you could call this the “scenic route”. It takes you along the Gulf or Carpentaria when heading here from Queensland. A lot of tourists come through the Savannah Way. It includes some creek crossings, a lot of dirt road driving and does get heavily corrugated. If you are traveling along the Savannah Way, then a stop over at King Ash Bay is essential.

Fly then Drive: Fly any of the major airlines into Darwin. From there, hire a car or a 4WD or camper and drive it to King Ash Bay. Depending on where you are travelling from, this can save you a couple of days travel at each side of your journey. It is a big drive to get from Darwin to King Ash Bay in one day, but people do it. We would recommend stopping overnight somewhere in between. Katherine, Daly Waters or Cape Crawford are all options.

Fly then Fly: The quickest way to get here, but also probably the most expensive. Fly to Darwin, then fly to the McArthur River Mine, then get picked up from there (Approx 1 hour drive from King Ash Bay). One of the airlines flying into the McArthur River Mine is AirNorth. There is also an airstrip at Borroloola and a dirt strip at King Ash Bay, but you would have to either charter a plane or pilot your own plane to use either of these air strips. Borroloola airstrip has a self service fuel facility.

“The Road”:

Whenever we refer to “the road” on this website or on our Facebook Page, we are referring to the 21km dirt road from the bitumen to King Ash Bay Fishing Club. During the wet season the road goes almost completely under water and very muddy and boggy. When the road is like that you would only use it with a very capable 4WD and only if 100% necessary. During the dry season the road is usable by all vehicles including 2WD sedans. It does get corrugated, but you just need to drive to the conditions. We regularly have road condition updates on our Facebook Page.

The Weather:

It’s going to be hot. All year round we experience warm to hot weather. During Winter the days are almost perfect, and not too humid. It is during Winter that King Ash Bay is at it’s busiest. Droves of Grey Nomads come up from down south to enjoy the warmer weather. Once the weather starts to get really hot and humid again in the lead up to the wet season, they all head back home.

What to Bring With You:

A lot of first-timers to King Ash Bay bring mountains of food and fuel with them. We have a privately owned Petrol Station here at King Ash Bay which includes a workshop and a very well stocked mini-mart/supermarket. The mini-mart has all of your essentials like fresh fruit & veg, meat, dry goods and even fishing gear and souvenirs. Another big surprise to our first-time visitors is the clubs Bar and Grill. The Bar and Grill are both open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights at the moment with reasonably priced drinks and meals. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and to protect our members and guests, social distancing will be requested.