Club Membership

Interested in becoming a member of King Ash Bay Fishing Club?

Unlike many other clubs, we do not actively seek new members and approval of new applications is not automatic.

We accept applications for new membership and approve new members who meet club membership requirements.  In short, we prefer new members who have interests that align with the club – good character, interested in sustainable responsible fishing, care of our environment, living in harmony with others and an interest in helping to maintain and improve the club and its facilities.

Application Process

Application forms are available from the club office.  The application must be signed by two current members who have known the applicant for at least 12 months and attest to their good character.

All applications are considered at a club committee Meeting.  At least one (and preferably more) committee members must know the applicant and speak for their acceptance.

If membership is approved by the committee, the following fees are payable before membership is confirmed:

Membership Application Fee $300

Annual Membership Fee $35 which is payable each year by 1 April for membership to remain current.

Because of the above process, it is most common for applications for membership to be submitted on the second or subsequent visit to King Ash Bay.