Information for Members and Guests of King Ash Bay regarding our Camping Fees

October 2021

King Ash Bay will be implementing a new fee structure for residents and campers over the next 2 years.

Our club’s recent expenditure, and that forecast in the next few years, has seen the need for a price increase to help pay for the improvement projects, some which are overdue.

To help you understand the necessity for the increase, I would like to explain the projects I am referring to.

  • Solar for the bore pumps.
  • Replacing power poles in the camping and residential areas.
  • New amenities block for Genny Flats.
  • New Generator

These and other less major projects are expected to cost the club in excess of $600,000.

Along with the above expenses our current fees have been based solely on a camping structure and this is no longer appropriate for King Ash Bay as we have numerous residential properties and permanent residents.

From the 1st April 2022 residential properties and allocated camping blocks will attract a yearly service fee not dissimilar to the rates system that all Australian properties attract.  By introducing this service fee it will simplify the payment process for residents and block holders and will also ensure all similar properties are contributing the same amount to the club.  Once the yearly service fee is introduced there will be no further daily or weekly camping fee for these members.

The new service fee has been calculated by taking the existing 8 and 16 week rule minimum fee and applying an increase of 50% for 2022 and a further 50% increase in 2023.  We have also introduced the option for the service fee to be paid quarterly.

All member camping fees will also attract an increase, the members unpowered will be introduced with a 2 stage increase, one in 2022 and again in 2023.

Our non-members camping fees are already very much in line with similar camping grounds and as such has seen an increase only in the weekly rate.

For camping fees the concession rates after 28 days will still apply.

Below are the new fees applicable from the 1st April 2022.

  Yearly Service Fee  Weekly  Concession
Per Week
After 28 Days 
Permanent Residents$2,048.00   
Non Permanent Residents$1,536.00   
More than 2 people when owner not present (per person) $48.00$46.00$8.00
Powered (2 people) $180.00$171.00$30.00
Extra Person on Same Site $90.00$86.00$15.00
Genny Flats $90.00$86.00$15.00
Extra Person on Same Site $48.00$46.00$8.00
KAB East and Sunset Boulevard    
Permanent residents (liveable structure or caravan etc)$1,568.00   
Livable structure with non permanent residents$1,176.00   
Allocated camping blocks without livable structure$588.00   
More than 2 people when owner not present (non member) $120.00$114.00$20.00
More than 2 people when owner not present (member) $90.00$86.00$15.00
Extra Camp on site Per Person (Non Member) $60.00$57.00$10.00
Extra Camp on site Per Person (Member) $48.00$46.00$8.00
Powered Site $240.00$228.00$40.00
Extra Person on Same Powered Site $120.00$114.00$20.00
Genny Flats $180.00$171.00$30.00
Extra Person on Same Site $90.00$86.00$15.00