The King Ash Bay Easter Classic

Easter Week-End each year

This is one of the best known fishing competitions in the Northern Territory and has been run for many years.  Held on Easter Saturday and Sunday each year, this competition has categories and prizes which give everybody a chance to win.
The competition has been expanded and modified to make even more prizes available:

Two Divisions, with two champion prizes awarded:

Champion Estuary Angler

Champion Reef Angler 

Each division targets seven fish species.  Only one fish of each species can be weighed in by an entrant.  The winner will be the person who catches the most different target species from the division, with no reference to fish size.  If two or more competitors weigh in the same number of different species, the one with the largest aggregate weight of fish will be the winner.  Rules for the competition will be provided when entrance fees are paid.  A couple of important ones are:

  •      Only one fish of each species can be weighed in by a competitor

  •      Barra over 1 metre in length will not be accepted for weigh in.  This is to protect precious breeding stock for the future.



Barra, King (Threadfin) Salmon, Flathead, Bream, Mangrove Jack, Black Jew, Grunter


Golden Snapper, Nannygai, Parrot Fish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Sweetlip, Palagic

The Easter Classic is not just about the fishing.  Entertainment is provided on three nights – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday night is the welcome and warm up for the competition to come.
Sunday night is the big night and includes the announcement of winners and presentation of prizes.

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