A timely reminder for members……

Members on Allocated Camping Blocks (Sunset Blvd & Long Grass Areas) this is a reminder for you to adhere to the rules for Campers on an Allocated Block. With the end of the season upon us please remember that your allocated block must be left CLEAR and TIDY!! Unless it is a structure which you have written approval for, your block is to be clear of ALL items when you are not here.
Members on Developed Blocks (Powered Site Residences) this is a reminder for you to please ensure your block is kept tidy and loose items are secured before the oncoming wet / cyclone season.
ALL MEMBERS are to be reminded that the King Ash Bay Fishing Club holds a lease with the NT Government with strict conditions. One of those being native vegetation cannot be cleared without permission. Recently, this occurred and a number of trees were removed without permission of the club or the NT Government. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated as it puts our lease in jeopardy, if proof of the person/s involved was ever discovered they will be dealt with severely.
When you became a member of this club you pledged to obey the rules imposed by the King Ash Bay Fishing Club, please familiarise yourself again with these rules by visiting the member’s area on the club’s website If you are unable to access this area, please request a printed copy from the secretary.
King Ash Bay Fishing Club Committee

30th September 2016