Covid Advice 20th August 2021

The King Ash Bay Fishing Club would like to advise its members and guests that contacts from the latest Covid case visited King Ash Bay on Tuesday looking for a camping spot. The group were turned away due to the fact that they had been in Woolworths Katherine around the same time as the positive person and were considered casual contacts.

The police attended the club Thursday the 19th and stated that the CCTV footage showed that they were in line at Woolworths with the positive person and they were now trying to track these people down.

The police advised the club to continue business as usual.

There are currently NO positive cases in King Ash Bay that we are aware of.

The latest advice from the Cheif Medical Officer is that anyone who has come out of lockdown in Darwin or Kathering needs to wear a mask whilst in public for the next 7 days.

Thank you for your understanding.