August Points Fishing Competition 2015

Recently our August Points Fishing Competition was held. Fish are not judged on their length or weight like our other competitions where fish are weighed-in. Anglers simply present their fish to the judges and are are awarded points depending on which species the fish is.

There were 34 entries into the competition. It was a hard day’s fishing as it was a very windy day.

11 fish were presented to the judges at the weigh-in.



August Points Comp Winners

  • First place was Greg Maguire with 25 points.
  • Second place was Shirley Tribe with 24 points.
  • Third place was a tie with Graham Cowley and Lindee Cook with 17 points each.
  • Fourth place was Bruce Tribe. 14 points.
  • Fifth place was Paul Steindl with 13 points.



Aug points comp raffle winner

  • Brian Housley
  • Sue Cowley
  • Yvonne Armstrong
  • Peter Street
  • Fritz Brophy